Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steelhead Bar and Grille

Tonight, after an office holiday party, my mom and I went to one of my absolute favorite restaurants, Steelhead Bar and Grille.  Steelhead is a great little place downtown directly across from Riverfront Park with a super happy hour and great food at a decent price.  I've been here 6+ times and have yet to be disappointed by the experience.

Seared Ahi Starter
Tonight we were looking for a light meal with drinks.  My mom had a Kootenai Kazi, a huckleberry kamikaze, that was DELICIOUS, and the Seared Ahi Starter.  I decided to go with what I love and got a Mojito and the Smoked Steelhead Starter (both of which I've had more than twice).  Yet again, we were NOT disappointed and in fact, this was one of the best dining experiences we've had in months.  My mom even said that her tuna was the best thing she'd eaten in Spokane yet. 

The tuna was perfectly cooked with a nice crusting of sesame seeds and was served with their wasabi vinaigrette   Oh. em. gee. was it good!  The flavors blended together so nicely and left a light spicy feeling that didn't burn but was just enough to remind you of wasabi.  There were 7 slices of tuna which is a great size for an app considering most places give you 3, maybe 4 slices if they're feeling generous that day.

Smoked Steelhead Starter
The smoked steelhead is one of the restaurants specialties (I guess it helps that it's the fish the place was named after).  It is perfectly proportioned with crostinis and salmon and cream cheese.  The steelhead is nicely seasoned and showcases the flavor of the fish rather than hiding it with unnecessary add-ons.  The entire dish is well rounded and a really good addition to a meal or by itself.  

For those of you who haven't been to Steelhead before, I HIGHLY recommend it.  The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy, but not like a sports bar is.  They have great couch seating by the fireplace to have drinks and catch up with old friends, bar seating, high top tables, and a quaint outdoor patio for the summertime nestled in the alley between Steelhead and Mizuna.  

During happy hour (3-6pm daily and 9-11:30 Mon-Thurs, and all day Sunday) some mid-to-top shelf liquors are $5, Domestic drafts are $3 ($5.50 for a 32 oz. Schooner) and all apps are $6.  A darn good deal for a late night outing or an early dinner, if you ask my light wallet!

To learn more about Steelhead and their AMAZING fare, visit their Website, Facebook, or Urbanspoon

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